27 Sep 2013

Double Review: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit & Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

In my makeup routine I probably spend more time on my eyebrows than any other facial feature. Why? Because eyebrows are one of the most distinctive features that make up your face! People pay a lot of attention to them and they can instantly freshen up your appearance and make you more attractive if they're groomed and maintained properly. They're also one of the hardest areas to perfect (for me) as my face isn't perfectly symmetrical and I have to be very careful to fill them out nice and evenly.

I'm not one of those girls who has been blessed with naturally gorgeous eyebrows. In fact, mine are pretty sparse and most of the hair grows around the ideal brow area instead of in it, which means I have to groom frequently but also fill out my brows with makeup. Until recently I had been dying my hair several shades darker than my natural medium brown hair colour, so I had to make sure to darken my brows so that they wouldn't disappear on my face. I'm currently growing out my natural colour and have already started to do my brows a bit lighter. This, however, meant I needed to get some new colours to fill my brows, so I visited my go-to cosmetics store, Etude House, and purchased their Perfect Brow Kit.

I've been using their Drawing Eye Brow pencil for years now and I love it. At KRW2 500 ($2.50) it's super cheap and applies like a dream. Its staying power is also amazing and it never smudges- I can rub on it slightly and it still stays in place. There are six shades ranging from browns to grey to black. I now use this pencil in conjunction with the brow kit.

It's my first time using any sort of eyebrow grooming kit, so I really didn't know what to expect. The Perfect Brow Kit comes in a slim, mirrored compact and contains 2 brow colours (light brown and dark brown) and a highlighter (to be applied on brow bones for nice definition). It also comes with a spooley brush, as well as a double-sided brush with an angled brow brush on one end, and a wide brush on the other. The brushes aren't great quality and I find it hard to work with miniature brushes anyway, so I just use my normal brow brush to apply the colour. The result is really natural looking brows that are beautifully defined and filled out. If you have thick eyebrows, this kit by itself will be sufficient enough to fill any gaps, but for ladies like me, the pencil comes in handy to give that extra bit of fullness. 

I've never been this satisfied with my eyebrows and can happily recommend both the Drawing Eye Brow pencil and the Perfect Brow Kit. The kit cost only KRW9 000 ($9) and I'm guessing it would last me about 6 months before I have to repurchase- and I'm definitely repurchasing!


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