28 Sep 2013

Review: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

Ever since my mom introduced me to Yardley's Oatmeal concealer stick when I was in my teens, I've never looked back. Concealer is one of those life-saver makeup items that I can't go without. Dark circles, blemishes and dark skin pigmentation are easily and effortlessly camouflaged when concealer is used correctly.

I've only ever used the 'cover stick' type, but they're really thick and as such have been making my skin look a little flaky in my dry areas lately- so I decided to try out a liquid concealer instead. I got the Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer for KRW5 000 ($5) in store. I got the #1 Light Beige- the other shade it comes in, is #2 Natural Beige.

The concealer has a cute wand applicator, but I prefer to put some on the back of my *clean* hand instead of using it on my face, as this is a bit more hygienic. I apply concealer after my BB cream or foundation with my finger and rather than rubbing, I pat around the blemish and blend the colour outwards, avoiding the actual blemish. This prevents the concealer from being rubbed off the blemish.

This concealer has been fairly effective in covering blemishes without causing that crusty, flaky look. This is thanks to the lovely, creamy texture. By itself, it doesn't last very long before coming off, but when I apply a bit of compact powder, it keeps the blemish covered much longer. The biggest downside to this product is that it doesn't have nearly enough coverage to hide the side-effects of my sleep-deprived Korean lifestyle, i.e. my ugly dark circles. While it is much thicker than foundation, it is too sheer and lacks the proper pigments to hide dark circles, but considering how cheap it is, I can't expect it to perform miracles either.


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