30 Oct 2013

Double Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull + Aloe Moistfull

The Moistfull collection is one of Etude House's most popular skin care lines and comes in three ranges: Collagen Moistfull, Aloe Moistfull and White Moistfull. A few weeks ago I received a free trial kit and some extra samples of the Collagen Moistfull range when I purchased my Aloha V-line Slim Maker and some makeup brushes that I'll be reviewing soon. After using it for a few weeks, I decided to get my two favourite products in the Aloe Moistfull range, too. Here's what I thought:

The Collagen trial kit and samples I received are as follows:

- Facial Freshener     
- Emulsion           
- First essence    
- Cream               
- Enriched cream 
- Sleeping pack  
- Firming eye cream  
I could review each one of these samples individually, but I feel this would be a waste of your time, because you're going to want to buy only two or three of the above products. Allow me to explain why. You see, I have come to the conclusion that the facial freshener, emulsion, first essence, cream, enriched cream, sleeping pack and eye cream are pretty much the same thing with only a minor difference in concentration or with an added ingredient that simply does not change the fact that they all perform exactly the same. This is not a bad thing though, I have been very pleased with the results on my skin, but (in my opinion) you only need the first essence, the cream/enriched cream and the sleeping pack ( if you have very dry skin.)

The range is intended to be used in this order:
peeling wash -->first essence -->facial freshener -->essence -->eye cream --.emulsion -->cream -->mist
As you can see this is a bit much (even for an enthusiast like myself) and I can't help but wonder if it's a bit of a money-making scheme. Either way, the three products I mentioned above are all you're going to need to achieve results.

The Collagen range promises firmer skin, better moisture retention and deeply hydrated skin. Its key ingredients are baobab extracts and marine collagen and contains no parabens, talc or ethanol. The first essence has a watery, but slightly gel-like texture and is a little sticky after applying, but the stickiness disappears as soon as it absorbs into the skin. The cream also has a gel-like texture, but it's not runny like the essence and gives a velvety feel to skin (it reminds me of Clinique's Total Turnaround visible skin renewer). The Enriched cream is less velvety, and the texture is more like a regular face lotion.

After the first application my skin immediately felt moisturised and incredibly silky smooth! I was very impressed. I applied the first essence with a cotton pad (but you can use your hands to press it over your face too) and followed with the cream (I jumped between the normal cream and the enriched cream, but couldn't really tell a difference, except that the normal cream feels more silky than the enriched cream.) On days that my skin feels extra dry, I use the sleeping pack, which is basically an overnight intensive moisturiser that you wash off the next morning. It doesn't leave any residue, so I can't imagine it would be a problem if you don't wash it off.

I am very happy with these products and they've actually impressed me enough to move my trusted Cetaphil to the side and go for designated face care again. My skin didn't break out at all and felt very soft and moisturised for hours upon hours, but I wasn't surprised to see it made no difference in firming the skin as collagen is pretty much useless on top of skin, because its molecules are way too big to be absorbed, so don't be fooled ladies! The only real downside to this range is the fact that it makes my skin a little bit oily in my t-zone, so I can't use it under my makeup, but it works amazingly as a night regime. I imagine as the weather turns colder here in Korea, my skin will become drier than usual, so then I might be able to use it as my day regime too.

For now though, I'm better off with the Aloe Moistfull first essence and cream as this is marketed at those with an oily to combination complexion. These two products conveniently come in a set for W13 000 (The Collagen set is a bit more expensive at W15 000 for the regular cream set and W18 000 for the enriched cream set.) This range is noticeably more lightweight and leaves skin looking matte and feeling fresh- perfect for daytime use. It also contains baobab extracts as well as soothing aloe, which is great for anyone with oily skin that's prone to breakouts and redness. I also noticed that the aloe first essence is a bit sticky at first, but this also disappears after drying. The gel-like cream almost feels like water (it's that light) and absorbs quickly into my skin, giving enough moisture without exacerbating the oiliness.
The Collagen range is ideal for normal to dry skin while the Aloe range is great for oily to combination skin.

Using these two ranges concurrently has made my skin feel wonderful. I've been having a lot of ups and downs since quitting the pill, so I'm happy to finally have a balance when it comes to my skin care regime as my skin can go from really dry to really oily in a matter of days. I'm more than pleased with the quality of these products and the lovely scent of the Collagen range is a great little bonus for me. If you're looking for good skin care, without the insane price tag that so often accompanies it, look no further.


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