13 Oct 2013

Review: Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette

I recently bought myself the Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer eye shadow palette after my trusty Etude House four colour palette was fast approaching empty. I've always loved having big palettes filled with all kinds of beautiful shades that could be paired with any outfit or accessory, but after moving to Korea I hadn't managed to find any nice ones that didn't cost a fortune- and if there's one beauty product I'm shamelessly cheap on, it's eye shadow!

I've bought many palettes in my life and what I really dislike is eye shadow that has almost zero pigmentation, or the kinds that go sit in my eyelid crease after a few hours. Well, this palette passed with flying colours (no pun intended!) The colours are absolutely stunning- so bright and shimmery, without looking like clowns' makeup and they last all day. Some colours are more shimmery than others and expect to have some "fall out" (when the colour falls onto your cheeks) as they are in a compact powder form. This can be combated if you apply some loose powder to your cheeks before applying your eye shadow or simply holding a tissue under the eye area.

The palette case has a mirror and comes with two (crappy) dual-tipped foam applicators. It's a little thin and flimsy, so be sure not to drop it as I'm almost 100 percent sure you'll suffer some damage if you do. Another minor problem I had was when three colours fell out when I turned my palette sideways. The glue must have come loose, but that wasn't the end of the world as I was able to easily glue them back into place.

Coastal Scents have a very impressive palette collection: shimmer, matte, warm tones, mirage, prism...the list really does go on and on. There's a palette for each taste and they come in different sizes too. I chose the 88 palette as this one has more than enough colours to choose from, but for the real enthusiast there's the 252 palette as well as combo sets if you need them all! I bought my palette for KRW24 000 here on Gmarket, but you can also buy it from the Coastal Scents site for $19.95 (but they're on sale for $10 at the moment- yay!) and lucky for us they ship worldwide.

All in all, this palette is excellent value for money and my favourite palette to date. If you like eye shadow and, like me, don't want to spend a fortune then go get yourself one of these palettes- you won't be sorry.



  1. Oh WoW! I've been wanting to try these out ever since I was first in Korea. And with a sale on right now, theres no better time to try them! :) Great review x

    1. Agreed! Glad you enjoyed the post. xx


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