24 Nov 2013

Review: The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter, Cream Body Scrub and Soap

During my overnight trip to Seoul at the beginning of this month, I did some winter shopping in the vibey Myeongdong district and my husband spoiled me with some lovely products from The Body Shop's new Honeymania range. My international readers will be happy, I'm sure, as you are most likely able to get your hands on The Body Shop products without much trouble since they're a global brand.

I didn't have my sights set on the Honeymania products at first as, admittedly, I'm a bit of an 'old-faithful' kind of girl when it comes to The Body Shop. I've always loved their Moringa range, but since my guy was buying, I thought I'd let him pick one that smells best to him and so he chose Honeymania! 

I was more than pleased with his choice, because this stuff smells divine! It doesn't have that awfully sweet honey scent that you'd expect, but instead a lovely floral scent as promised in its description. All the products in this range contains 'Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers'. I chose the Body Butter, Creamy Body Scrub and Soap, but the range also includes Lip Balm, Bath Melt and Shower Gel.

The Body Butter is really rich and creamy and leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smelling just gorgeous! The Body shop promises 24 hour hydration, but I definitely needed to reapply the next morning. However, my skin does need a lot of extra moisture now that winter has arrived in Korea. For warmer months, this product is perfect, but you'll definitely need to apply it twice a day in cold and dry climates. Price: KRW24 000 for 200ml.

I just love this soap! It's so mild on my skin and doesn't dry it out like regular beauty soaps do. It lasts really long too! I've been using mine for 3 weeks now and it's not even half way yet. Price: KRW5000 for a 100g bar.

The creamy body scrub is just that- very creamy and gentle, so if you have sensitive skin this would be perfect as it's not too abrasive. I really enjoy using this, but one thing I'd change is the fact that the granules dissolve a tad too quickly, so I end up having to use more product to scrub my skin. But other than that, I also love this scrub. Price: KRW24000 for 200ml.


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