17 Nov 2013

Review: Etude House Baby Doll Puff

The Baby Doll Puff is Etude House's version of the popular Beauty Blender makeup applicator. After seeing the Beauty Blender in several makeup tutorial videos, I was curious to try this type of applicator as I'm more of a flat makeup sponge kind of girl. Etude's products are usually very good quality at a way more affordable price and at KRW7000 ($7), this puff is significantly cheaper than the Beauty Blender.

The first thing I noticed is the adorable packaging the puff comes in. I love Russian matryoshka dolls (I even own a pretty Freya bra with a matryoshka print!) so I simply couldn't help myself when I saw this cute box in the store. The Baby Doll puff is bright pink, but slightly different in shape compared to the Beauty Blender. It has a curved/indented center which makes handling very comfortable. The flat bottom is designed to apply makeup to the chin, cheeks and forehead and the pointed tip is meant for blending into the harder-to-reach-areas like the nose and eyes. The sponge itself, however, is very stiff and I immediately knew this might be a problem as it's very hard applying and blending makeup with a stiff sponge. I thought this might be fixed as soon as the puff is damp, so I wet it and dried the excess water with a towel (as recommended) but there was barely any difference in size (it should swell up a bit) and the stiffness remained.

Dampening the puff is also supposed to prevent excess product absorption, but this, too, made very little difference as I had to use a lot of foundation anyway. I also found that the application wasn't good either. Very little makeup was actually transferred to my skin as most of it was absorbed into the sponge and as a result made this puff incredibly hard to clean. It stains very easily and I am unable to get it clean no matter what I do- not cool, Etude House!

All in all, I am very dissatisfied with this puff. It doesn't deliver on its promise and I could have spent my money on something better. In this case, buying the original product is the better option. Even though it's very expensive, at least you'll get your money's worth.

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