7 Nov 2013

Review: Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation

I recently decided to mix things up a bit in terms of my my foundation/bb cream. I really love my Total Age Repair bb cream, but I needed to start looking for a product that works better for my oily t-zone. After plenty of research, I decided to purchase Innisfree's Mineral Water Foundation as it has a pretty good reputation for working well on combination skin.

This SPF15 liquid foundation is formulated with Jeju mineral powder as well as 100% organic green tea water in stead of distilled water that is typically used in this type of foundation. It contains no parabens, bezophenone, mineral oil, artificial fragrance or talc and the product comes in a 35ml bottle with a screw cap and pointed nozzle for easy, hygienic dispensing. It costs KRW15 000 ($15) so it very much falls under the affordable category.

There are three shades to choose from: #1 Light Beige #2Natural Beige and #3True Beige. I bought mine online and opted for the lightest shade, i.e. Light Beige and was surprised at just how light it is! If you're one of those porcelain skin beauties, you'll be delighted with this shade- it really is gorgeous. However, it's a tad too light for my skin tone, so next time I'll get it in #2 Natural Beige instead. This foundation provides very light coverage. In fact, it almost acts like a tinted moisturiser, but with a dry finish. It's your natural skin- only better, if you know what I mean? Personally, I would have liked a little bit more coverage as this doesn't hide my blemishes or dark circles even a tiny bit, but at least I have concealer, right?

A unique feature of this foundation is the ball inside the bottle. You have to shake it a few times for the stuff inside to mix- I'm not quite sure why or how this works, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless. The texture is watery and runny, but once it's on your skin it dries very quickly, so if you like buildable coverage, you're gonna want to skip this one. While I love applying my foundation and bb creams with a sponge, I would caution against using any tools with this one. Your fingers are your friends when it comes to this stuff as sponges or brushes will absorb most of the product and also make it dry faster than it should. Using my fingers gives an even, smooth finish and helps to minimise the appearance of dry skin or flakiness.

Which brings me to the biggest downside to this foundation: it's not kind to dry skin. In fact, it exacerbates any dry areas and flakiness, so your skin needs to be thoroughly prepped before applying this foundation. I highly recommend using a makeup primer- I use The Face Shop's Face It Skin Primer and it works really well with this foundation. While this would normally be a complete deal breaker for me, I am able to work my around it as the staying power of this product is unsurpassed. My oily t-zone always, always, always 'melts' within a few hours after applying my makeup, but with this product, it not only stays put, but my skin remains oil-free throughout the day- and I'm talking 7AM-5PM perfection. Now, I'm not sure if this can be ascribed only to this foundation or whether the Face It Skin Primer also plays a major role, but I can vouch for the fact that these two products are soul mates- they work so well together!

If you have very dry skin, I would highly advise against this product. Combination skins need to be prepared to do a lot of prepping beforehand, but I find it's worth the trouble. And for those with very oily skins (I envy you right now!) this foundation is made for you. I've had a lot of compliments since I started using this foundation and I've been very pleased with how it controls my oily areas. I'm still searching for my perfect foundation/bb cream, but this one can definitely compete!


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