15 Dec 2013

Review: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit #2 Dark Circle Brightening

A little while ago I did a review on Etude House's Surprise Essence Concealer which fared rather well in covering blemishes, but didn't cover my dark circles as well as I'd hoped it would. So, I decided to try the Surprise Concealer Kit to combat the side-effects of my sleep-deprived lifestyle. The Surprise Concealer Kit has two types to pick from: #1 for covering imperfections and #2 for covering dark circles.

I got #2 Dark Circle Brightening online for KRW7 000. The concealer palette has two colours: peach, for neutralising dark tones and beige for brightening up skin. The palette also contains a small mirror that doesn't really have a function because it's way too tiny to work with. The Brilliant Light Scattering Formula promises to flawlessly and smoothly cover dark circles for hours. 

Application is very simple and easy. Using your fingers or a small foundation brush designed for the eye area, dip it into the peach colour first and pat or stipple the dark area until it's well-blended. Next, do the same with the beige colour.

The two colors have completely different textures. The peach tone is creamy and oilier, while the beige tone is matt and has a thicker texture. I was really happy with the coverage of this kit- it hides my dark circles very well, but I have to be extremely careful when applying the beige tone as it tends to settle in the lines under my eyes and has a bit of a cakey texture if I use just slightly too much. When they advise to apply only a small amount, they really do mean it! I'd recommend only using it in the inside corners of your eyes (it also works great on pigmentation or other imperfections!). The peach tone, however, is divine and does everything you'd expect from a concealer- I just wish it lasted a bit longer, but having to touch up isn't a deal breaker for me because of the fact that it goes on so smoothly.

This is the best dark circle concealer I've tried to date and will happily repurchase. I do, however, caution those with darker complexions to try it out before purchasing, as the shades might not match your skin tone as well as it should. I think Etude House could benefit by expanding their shades as they have quite a large international customer base. For those with fair to medium complexions who have mild dark circles, this kit will definitely do the trick!

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