4 Mar 2014

Review: Banila Co. Hydrating Prime Primer

I've been talking a lot about my dry, flaky winter skin lately and today's post is no exception, because I've been pulling out all the stops to get that healthy glow back. I'd heard so much about the Banila Co. Prime Primers (they are, after all, considered the best here in Korea) so I decided to give it a try.
There are several versions: Classic (for skin with rough texture, visible pores and fine wrinkles), Classic Matte (same as Classic, but with oil control), Hydrating (for dry, dehydrated skin), Purity (for sensitive skin), Natural (for light cover) and Anti-Wrinkle. At KRW18 000 for 30ml, it's slightly more expensive than my beloved Face It Velvet Skin Primer, but still very much falls within the affordable category. I purchased mine online during a sale period for KRW16 200 at the  Banila Co. mini shop on Gmarket.

What it promises:

I was quite intrigued by the metallic jar as it's the only primer in this range that doesn't come in a plastic container. I have no idea whether it's just a gimmick or if it serves a purpose, but I like it nonetheless. Product is dispensed via a pump, which I also like, because it's so much more hygienic and I use about two pumps per application.

Texture and Scent:
The first thing I noticed about this primer is that it didn't have that famous velvety texture seen the aforementioned Classic version as well as the Face It Velvet Skin Primer. I'm guessing this is due to a reduction in silicone or complete lack thereof in the formula. Instead, it has a light creamy texture with a hint of what feels like petroleum jelly, minus the shine you'd expect from a hydrating primer. In fact, I'd go as far as saying it has better oil control than the Classic version. I could almost compare it to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, except it's a primer.

My Thoughts:
My skin definitely feels more hydrated when I use this primer and the fine lines around my eyes (that are awfully exacerbated in this dry climate) are plumped out nicely, so full points for that. I also love how the added moisture doesn't compromise the oil control of this product. My t-zone stays oil-free for most of the day, which I must admit, was the one thing I was expecting to disappoint me. I also haven't suffered any clogged pores or breakouts as a result of using this primer. Unfortunately though, it didn't reduce the appearance of those pesky flakes that have been annoying me so badly these past couple of months, which is the one thing I was hoping for- it being a hydrating primer an all! It also doesn't make my skin feel as smooth as other primers.

I did find some consolation in the form of a freebie sample of the Classic Primer included when I purchased this one. I tried it just this morning and after just one use it's making me wonder if my Face It Velvet Skin Primer is to be dethroned in the near future... but that's a review for another day.

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