12 Apr 2014

Review: Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream

CC creams have recently hit the market by storm as the next best thing since BB cream and like their marketing-gimmick, double-letter namesakes, these two products are quite similar in terms of ingredients, but differ in how they perform. CC cream stands for Colour Control or Colour Correct cream and is used as a base cream/ moisturiser under foundation or BB cream to nourish, smooth and even out skin. Although this differs from brand to brand, it is general consensus that CC creams have less coverage (if any) than BB creams. When CC cream hit stores early last year, I was skeptical to try it, but as the months passed, my hesitation dwindled I decided to get the Banila Co It Radiant CC cream as it is considered the best here in Korea (it sold out only 5 hours after its launch). At KRW25 000 for 30ml of product, it's a bit more expensive than BB cream. I got mine on sale at the Banila Co minishop on Gmarket for KRW21 250 and they also threw in a black eye liner pencil as part of the deal.

What it Promises:

The Banila Co CC cream comes in a long, soft plastic tube with a hygienic pump dispenser that dispenses enough product for a single application with each pump.

Texture & Scent:
As with the Skin79 BB cream, I love the scent of this stuff. It smells like sunscreen, but not quite as heavy and disappears after a few seconds, so it won't bother those who are sensitive to fragrance. The texture is also very lovely- creamy, yet weightless, absorbs quickly and isn't greasy at all. It has an ever-so-slightly pearlescent colour to it that reminds me of the MAC Strobe Cream I reviewed a while back.

My Thoughts:
First, I have to get something out of the way: the Banila Co CC cream is not makeup. It doesn't provide any sort of coverage like BB creams do; and it's important you know this, because I've seen many people be disappointed when they use this and they realise the only thing it leaves them with is a sunscreen-type white cast. I can't speak for other CC creams, but this one very much falls into the 'skin care' category and is at most an SPF moisturiser for all skin types, but most beneficial to those with dry to combination skin. If you have normal skin, take a pass on this one- you simply don't have a need for it. If you have very oily skin, then you might want to skip it too as it will most likely exacerbate the oiliness.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me just say that I actually really like this cream. Not for its whitening properties (which btw, I haven't noticed in ANY beauty product like ever) and ironically, not for its colour correcting abilities either, because it doesn't correct any sort of redness I have. Well, at least not to any degree that I feel I could confirm as a legitimate claim. What I do, however, love about this product is the way it makes my skin look and feel. It quickly smooths rough skin texture and hydrates without the heaviness of typical sunscreen-loaded face cream. It works perfectly under foundation and BB cream and doesn't make me grease up in my t-zone at all. It is a perfect winter product as it manages and prevents dry patches and flakiness much better than my regular moisturiser. I also like that it gives my skin that dewy glow, without turning oily by the time midday strolls along. 

Is this an essential makeup item? Not by a long shot. The greatest irony about this product is the lack of actual colour correction, but if you can get past this it's worth a try, as it's a little life saver for those with annoyingly dull, dry, flaky skin with a rough texture.  I'll more than likely repurchase, but only for the winter season. 


  1. wow, never tried a cc cream before! :) your post made me wanna try it. by the way, I've found your blog through GIG :) followed you now :)

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  3. hi, kate. i wanna use banila co cc cream as base before applying etude bb cream beuatifying block matte... but i don't know how to use them
    should i mix them then apply them or just apply cc first before apply bb ?
    my skin type is oily but not too oily


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