8 Jul 2014

Review: The Body Shop- Moringa Body Sorbet

I just love me some goodies from The Body Shop! The Moringa range has been my favourite since forever, so when I read about the new Body Sorbet that launched this year, I just had to try it out! I've never used (and to be perfectly honest, even heard of ) body sorbet, so you can imagine my curiosity. There are currently five varieties: Moringa, Strawberry, Mango, Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma. It retails for KRW19 000 for 200ml.

What it promises:
Scoop an industry first with this cool body moisturiser, infused with delicate floral moringa scent! Our breakthrough sorbet texture instantly melts into skin for a frosty burst of fresh moisture.
  • Light and fast-absorbing
  • Leaves body instantly moisturised
  • Up to 24 hours of hydration
Glide onto skin and enjoy the frosted moisture sensation all over your body. Insider’s tip: Put your Body Sorbet in the fridge for an even more refreshing moisture sensation

Comes in a frosted squeeze tube for hygienic dispensing.

Texture and Scent:
Okay, so this is where things get heavenly! The scent is pretty much exactly the same, gorgeous white flower scent as the moringa soap and body butter, which I just love. It can be used instead of perfume as the scent is pretty strong, but will need to be re-applied as it only lasts about 2 hours. But, my goodness, it's the texture of this stuff that was so awesomely foreign to me that it felt like I had been transported into the future or some distant, alien world. How do I even begin to describe it? It's something between the feeling of lathering my skin with an abundance of delicate bubbles mixed with luxurious velvet and finished off with soft powder that absorbs first to a smooth, gel-like, non-greasy finish and then absorbs completely, leaving my skin feeling dry to the touch, yet gently hydrated.

 My Thoughts:
This is the perfect moisturiser for hotter climates and beats any other 'light' lotion I've tried in the past. Hands down. I'm not sure what The Body Shop means by "frosty and frosted moisture" though, because I don't feel any sort of coolness after applying the sorbet. Perhaps they refer to the coolness when you keep it in the fridge as per their Insiders tip- but whatever- I'm definitely not going to be nit-picky with a product that works so well in every other aspect.
If you have some extra cash to indulge in some nice body products, I highly recommend this new sorbet for summer months. I also think this would make a lovely gift for someone special.

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