6 Aug 2014

Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending - 'Belle' Purple Rose Lips

So Etude House decided to expand their Disney collaboration (much to the elation of girly girls worldwide!) and a few days ago they launched the Princess Happy Ending collection which sees the addition of lipsticks, blushes, nail polishes, eye shadows, mascara and BB cream which fall under different princess ranges namely: Belle, Jasmine, Snow White and Cinderella. I promised myself that the last time I did cosmetics shopping would be the very last before we fly home in three weeks, but I simply couldn't resist the Belle Purple Rose lipstick, as I'd been looking for a nice berry shade for ages and here it was begging me to try it out! It also comes in a bright Apple Red shade which forms part of the Snow White range. I got it online for KRW9000 for 3.5g.

What it Promises:
"This is a moist lipstick that comes with a clear colour and rich moisture"
-High Glossy Effect
-New Soft Fitting Texture
-Moisture Rich

I like the design of the packaging, but not sure if the baby pink cap was the best choice for a berry purple lipstick? The two don't exactly complement each other and it actually ends up looking a little kitsch to me. I would've gone with a white cap to match the rest of it, but as far as functionality, I can't fault it.

Texture and Scent:
They weren't lying when they said this lipstick is glossy! It goes on lovely and is really moisturising, which is great since lipstick tends to be pretty drying on my lips and as such is a beauty product that I avoided until very recently. The colour is really vivid too, but without having that heavy feeling that many lipsticks tend to have. It has a spicy/floral scent, but it's so faint that I actually had to go double check just now because I didn't notice when I applied it this morning.

My Thoughts:
I love, love, love this lipstick! I've been looking for a berry purple shade for ages and finally found the perfect one! The colour looks pretty rich and dark (almost like a plum shade) when you just look at the product, but it's much lighter upon application and you can build up the colour to be as vivid as you like. Wear time is pretty average at around 3-4 hours if you don't eat something and it leaves a subtle tint as it fades. If you like a glossy lipstick that wears more like a tinted lip balm then you'll love this stuff. I highly recommend it and would definitely repurchase. My only gripe is the absence of an Ariel range- I would have loved to see some mermaid inspired colours for summer!


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  1. What a lovely blog! ♥ Your pictures look great! I ordered this lipstick ( and the snowwhite version), too, but I didn'T receive it yet. The color looks beautiful! Do you have bloglovin', too? I'd love to follow you :)



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