2 Nov 2014

Review: Clicks Aloe Vera & Omegas 3+6 Skin Care Range

Hello pretties! After a lengthy two months of being MIA, I'm finally back with another review- this time from my country of birth: gorgeous, sunny South Africa. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I'd been living and working in Korea since 2011 and recently it was time for me and my little family (my husband and 3 kitties) to move back home. It's taken forever to get our house sorted out and finally last week our internet connection was installed and I can start reviewing again- and my goodness do I have a bunch of things in line for you! In true katelovespretty fashion, I've gone and bought every product that even mildly tickled my fancy, so I'll be working through them in due course.

Since moving back to South Africa, my skin has been in great condition which is partly attributed to the better water quality, dramatic reduction in polluted air and the fact that I was on anti-malaria tablets when I went on holiday to the the Kruger National Park in October. I started noticing how my skin was becoming blemish free around one week into taking Doxitab and after doing some research, I learnt that it is also prescribed for acne. Now, my skin is perfectly clear, with only a blemish or two popping up around that time of the month- not a bad deal!

Today, however, the focus is on Clicks' in-house skin care range. While I still love my Etude House Moistfull skin care products, I've had to start looking for replacement products now that I can't just get my hands on Korean cosmetics that easily. So, when I saw the Aloe Vera & Omegas 3+6 range I thought I might as well try it since it's so affordable; but to be honest, that very same price tag resulted in a lot of scepticism on my part.

The Clicks skin care line consists of six ranges aimed at different skin types, the other five being: Rooibos & Anti-Oxidants, Tea Tree & Cucumber, White Tea & Q10, Jojoba & Shea Butter as well as Soy & Even Tone Actives. The products in each rage vary, but they all have the basic 3-step wash, toner and moisturiser. The Aloe Vera & Omegas 3+6 consists of a Gel Wash, Scrub, Toner, Day Cream and Night Cream of which I bought everything except for the night cream. It is aimed sensitive skins and claims to soothe and refresh dull-looking skin.

Facial Wash Gel
Price: R42.95 for 150ml

This gel face wash is really great. It has a light gel texture and washes off all my eye and face makeup without having to scrub too vigorously, but never leaves my skin feeling tight and dry afterwards. This is a big deal to me as I've found that most face washes out there are awfully drying and they are never supposed to make your skin feel tight- this means the ingredients are too harsh. I've also found that shaving with this stuff is quite nice too since the aloe has soothing properties.

Refreshing Toner
Price: R38.95 for 200ml

The first time I used the toner I wasn't too impressed. It leaves my skin feeling very sticky for a good while afterwards and this kind of grossed me out a little, but it does give my skin a nice glow; so I've made myself get used to the texture. I really like that it is alcohol free as it never dries my skin out.

Day Cream
Price: R54.95 for 50ml

I have a real love-hate relationship going with this cream. Like the toner, it leaves my skin feeling sticky for a while after application and the texture is just way too thick and creamy for my sensibilities... but it makes my skin look so fresh and lovely the next morning! Oh, and I should probably mention that I use this as a night cream even though it's a day cream- I just find it way too thick to wear under my makeup, so I'm still using my Aloe Moistfull cream until I can find a suitable replacement. I really wish this range had a gel type moisturiser as I feel that it's such an essential product for sensitive skins.

Facial Scrub
Price: R37.95 for 100ml

This little gem is actually the first product I bought in this range and it was the one that prompted me to get the others. It's a perfect example of how decent products don't always mean a ridiculous price tag. It is so gentle, yet very effective in removing dry, rough skin and actually makes my skin feel super moisturised afterwards. This scrub is perfect for anyone with sensitive or dry skin and I know it will be a real little life saver during the winter season.

All things considered, I'm really impressed with the Aloe Vera & Omegas 3+6 range. It's genuine value for money and makes my skin look great. Apart from the sticky feeling the toner and cream gives, I feel like I could stick with this routine for while.


  1. Ohh I love Skincare Products which have Aloe Vera~ ^ ^


  2. Aloe Vera is a go to remedy for myself when I have any kind of burns.

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