4 Dec 2014

Review: Glampalm Standard Magic Series Hair Styling Iron

I recently went blonde for the first time in 14 years and after all that bleaching and toning my hair has been feeling super fragile, dry and frizzy. My one-year-old hair iron (a Korean ghd called B2Y) which has been working pretty decently was leaving my hair feeling even worse and a burning smell was emitting from it while doing my hair, which immediately set of warning bells for me. So I went on the search for a new hair straightener- which anyone doing the same can tell you is no simple task as there are so many to choose from! There are pretty much three main competitors out there: ghd, Cloud Nine and a new player called Glampalm.

I knew off the bat that I wouldn't be repurchasing a ghd as their reputation simply isn't what it once was. Online reviews have been consistently negative and after testing my mom's ghd V Gold Series edition, I was left awfully underwhelmed as even my Korean version was doing a better job. I also had the misfortune of witnessing my hair stylist's Eclipse die, right as he was about to do my hair and he informed me he'd been having issues with it since Day 1. I also didn't want to take the risk with a Cloud Nine, because despite their great reputation for quality plates on their irons, they were failing in terms of their mechanical construction and as such many people have to send them in for repairs on a regular basis. My other option was a Glampalm and to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect of this brand as I had never even heard of them before. Almost every review I read online was good- which made me question their authenticity, but after doing a bunch of research and confirming that they are a legit company, I decided to take the chance and so I ordered the Standard Magic Series iron online at their website for R2300 (which is a few hundred bucks cheaper than buying from a reselling agent).

My Glampalm arrived by courier a few days after I ordered and comes with  two hair clips and a cute, black clutch bag that's perfect for when you're travelling. These all come in a lovely box that's lined with a silky fabric. I really appreciate nice packaging, so this was a delight!

What it Promises:

Right off the bat Glampalm creates massive expectations from me as they promise:
  •  "virtually NO DAMAGE"
  • "longer lasting results than competitor brands"
  • "hair is left in almost identical condition to the pre styling state while adding supreme smoothness and shine"
  • "enhances hair color, whether it may be natural or colour treated"
  • "a specialised vibrate mode on the standard stylers that keep hair frizz free for longer and also enhances product penetration so that you get the full benefit of serum’s and leave in treatments"
  • " hair is straight in just one slide with no need to go over the hair many times"
  • "there is absolutely no need to use a heat protector with a Glampalm"
According to Glampalm many of these qualities are attributed to the magical ingredient called Healing Stone, which is apparently found in the mountains of South Korea. I find this very amusing since I lived there up 'till just a few months ago. I never saw a Glampalm in Korea, so I wonder if the company is Korean owned, but only exports to other parts of the world or if (like my B2Y) Korea simply sells the same product under a different name, but I digress..

Features of the Standard Series Iron:
  • Ideal to Straighten & Curl Short to Medium length hair
  • Smooth styling for hair that is very curly at the root or very fine in texture
  • Hair stays straight and retains its style for much longer than any other hair iron on the market. Features unique Vibrate Mode that allows better product penetration (For Home Treatments)
  • 3 Meter Swivel & Pivot Cord for effortless styling and convenience
  • Safety Feature – Hibernation mode: Shuts off the iron automatically after 30 minutes if not in use
  • Emits Far infrared Rays & Anion Technology. Specialised Alumina Powder to enhance your hair color
  • Full two year guarantee and manufactured in South Korea

My Thoughts:

I've used the Glampalm a couple of times now and I must say, I am in love! It takes much less time straightening my hair and (dare I say) my hair is left feeling in better condition than before getting this little powerhouse styling tool! The vibrate mode was quite the strange experience the first time around as I felt like a complete newbie using my iron. I can't really see a difference with and without using the vibrate mode, but I can say that if you tend to press down too hard whilst straightening, you'd definitely want to use the vibrate mode as it prevents you from doing that- or at least that's what I experienced!

I can't really see any colour enhancement and on those humid and rainy days, the frizz still creeps up a bit, but the results of this iron last noticeably longer as I wake up with my hair still looking fairly good. I also like the fact that this is a no-frills-and-bows kind of product- it only comes out in the standard black colour, unlike so many companies that hide bad mechanics behind a pretty casing design. The price is still  a bit steep for my liking and I hope in the future we will see quality products at lower costs, because paying this kind of money still seems a tad excessive, but if this styler ends up lasting many years without faults I might retract that statement altogether ;)

All things considered though, I would recommend this hair iron to anyone who, like me, doesn't mind investing in their hair and appearance and who straightens on a daily basis.



  1. Hi Kate :) So you posted this review in 2014, do your opinions still hold true 15 months later? Would you still recommend this iron to your readers?

    1. Hi! They sure do! I use my Glampalm almost daily and it's still working fine :) Thanks for getting in touch! x

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  3. hi if i want to order how can i do it and how much is it?


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