18 Mar 2015

The (Pretty Big) Reason I Dyed My Hair Brown Again

Surprise! I'm a brunette again!

I'm not gonna lie, I loved being blonde. It took me two years of growing out my natural hair after colouring it every shade between jet black and auburn brown from the age of 15, so when I had to make the decision to go darker again I was more than a little sad about it. Yes, going blonde tested the absolute limits of my hair's health and the damage done to it almost reached a point of no return, but it was such a refreshing change from the same ol' brown I'd gotten used to.

Thing is, the reason I went brown has absolutely nothing to with my hair's health or personal taste, but a rather big (and to many people a very unexpected and perhaps shocking) decision that my husband and I have made. We've decided to return to Korea and this time we're not coming back to South Africa.

After living here for the past seven months we've realised three important things:

1. We simply cannot adapt here. Most of our adult lives have been spent in Korea and we no longer feel like we fit in or belong here. Too much has changed since we left the previous time and we simply aren't willing to live in the current circumstances. I think once a person has experienced a certain type of lifestyle, it's hard to go back. I will always love this beautiful country, it just isn't my home anymore.
2. Sometimes you need to learn a lesson the hard, painful (and very expensive) way before being propelled to make better important life decisions. Despite our best intentions to settle here, we just couldn't fall into a particular type of life that isn't meant for us. We bought a house and lots of furniture and spent a lot of time, money and heart trying to build a life here and at the end it was all for nothing. Yes, I've cried about it, but I'm not one to dwell on the negative. I'm just thankful that we're going through this now, rather than later in life.
3. There's no exact recipe to life. You've gotta do what makes you happy. We aren't all meant to live the exact same life, different things work for different people and that's okay.

So yeah, in a few months my husband, myself and (of course) our three cat children will pack up our lives again and move to the other side of the world. "So what the hell does moving have to do with dyeing your hair brown?" you may ask. Well, Korea sucks at dyeing hair blonde. Simple as that.  :)


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