1 May 2016

Double Review: Innisfree Eco Science Cream & Lotion

I recently did a review on the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream-my current favorite day lotion- and mentioned that I needed a more potent moisturiser during the dry, cold winter season here in Korea. I was hesitant to try a thicker, richer moisturiser as these generally wreak havoc on my skin because they tend to clog my pores and even burn and irritate my very sensitive skin. But after seeing the Innisfree eco science products popping up all over my social media last year, I decided to give it a try.

The eco science line consists of the following:

  • skin (toner)
  • lotion
  • serum
  • wrinkle essence
  • essence
  • eye cream
  • cream 

I purchased both online at the Innisfree minishop on Gmarket. The cream is KRW28,000 for 80ml and the lotion is KRW23,000 for 100ml.

What it promises:
"The anti-ageing cream/lotion that combines Jeju marine plants with Bio Seaplant Science to fortify the natural strength of skin."
The cream comes in a pot, which isn't the most hygienic type of packaging, however considering how thick it is, it makes sense that it doesn't come in a bottle with a pump dispenser like the lotion which is much thinner in texture.


Texture and Scent:
The cream has an incredibly thick and somewhat sticky texture. I was pretty surprised when I saw this as I was convinced this would breakout my skin something awful! It's hard to place, but I'd say the texture is something akin to petroleum jelly (but less greasy) mixed with a typical moisturiser.

The lotion is pretty much the same as the cream, but formulated to be much lighter and more runny than the cream. As a result, it also absorbs much faster. Both products have the same citrus/ medical sanitiser/ herbal scent which isn't too great to be honest, but luckily it disappears after absorption.


My Thoughts:
While this line is technically for anti-ageing purposes, I found that it was a lifesaver during the winter period when my skin was extremely dry, sensitive and often wind-chafed. The thickness of the cream actually did wonders to regenerate and heal my skin during the night and the lotion was light enough to use as a day moisturiser under my makeup. I found that my skin felt softer and looked healthy and glowing after just a few days of use and didn't experience any breakouts or irritation. I would caution against using the thick cream under makeup though, as it will cause your foundation to oxidise horribly and leave your skin looking rather oily.

It's not often that I find products that genuinely protect and nourish my skin during winter, so I was thoroughly impressed with how well these two products performed. The pricetag is a tad higher than other Innisfree skincare products, but considering the quality and how long they last I am happy to fork out the extra cash. Two thumbs up for these superb products Innisfree, you deserve it!

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